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   Spiritual  Medium Una Pearce Packs Church  Halls And Theatres When She Holds Her Events  In Huddersfield.

Una Pearce was just 12 when she got the "feelings" which changed her life for ever.

She says: I was friends with a family in Cowlersley and every time I went into their house I used to think, what's wrong here? 

It was like a fear. When I got out of the house it was like something had lifted, yet the family were lovely.

Later I met another girl at school and I had the same feelings in her house.

Her brother was killed in a road accident and her dad died suddenly.

Una started work at 15 at Brook Motors and met a good friend, Barbara Shaw.

The girls went to Huddersfield Spiritualist Church without her parents' knowledge.

Her dad, a joiner and undertaker, was an atheist and her mum went to Milnsbridge  Baptist Church.

It was while at a meeting taken by the then leader of Huddersfield Spiritualist Church,  Mrs Hill, that Una was told she was different.
Mrs Hill warned me not to laugh.I want to talk to you,' she said. `You have a gift.
Look at a photograph of a face of someone you don't know.'

Una admits she was worried about the "feelings" she had and tried to forget about them. She met her `soulmate', her late husband Bill, when she was 16 and he was the one person she felt she could explain it all to.

 Dad and Elaine

The couple married when Una was 19 and their first son, Brian, was born 14 months later But when their second son, Stuart, was born - when Una was 23 - he had an    unsightly mark from his bottom all down his leg and his leg was blue.

On the second day in hospital Una heard a voice saying: See to it,
this child needs operations.

When Stuart was four and still having treatment on his leg a specialist uttered
the same words which Una had heard in hospital.

Stuart had his first operation when he was five and continued to have treatment
until he was 16. Una was grateful for Stuart's recovery and decided she should give readings  as a way of thanking God and helping others.

She went to another spiritualist group in Westgate and, supported by Bill, started
lettings I didn't have that confidence. But I knew I was helping people.

The phone never stops ringing and it's always people asking for help.

I'm drawn to faces. It's not like fortune telling. I just need to hear someone's voice. I've never made a penny out of it."

Over the years Una has raised thousands of pounds for charities, including Kirkwood Hospice, the West Yorkshire Forget Me Not Trust, the Heart of Huddersfield Appeal, Cancer Research and the Multiple Sclerosis Society

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